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Our aim is for the Clinidirect Knowledge Centre to become a leading information resource for healthcare professionals, patients and carers.

The Clinidirect Knowledge Centre currently provides information and articles on a range of topics in a series of informative chapters.

Overtime new resources will be added to provide educational support in a range of different media formats.

The Clinidirect Doctor's Consultation service Pharmacy - 27/01/2014
Clinidirect’s Online Doctor Consultations offer an ever expanding range of safe & discreet services for both men and women specialising in embarrassing conditions such as weight loss or impotence.
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Merry Christmas The Continence Blog - 19/12/2013
Clinidirect would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
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Poo, glorious poo! The Continence Blog - 16/12/2013
Apologies in advance if you are of a delicate disposition but this has to be done. Last week I gave you facts about urine, now interesting facts about poo!
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Golden facts about urine The Continence Blog - 10/12/2013
This week I thought it would be interesting to delve a little further into the history of urine. Fact or fiction…….I will leave it to you to decide. Happy reading!
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Fact or Fable? The Continence Blog - 04/12/2013
With more people in the UK experiencing bladder and bowel symptoms having public conveniences available for use is imperative. However there has been a widespread closure of public toilets resulting in many individuals being reluctant to go out and access essential services. Four out of ten public toilets have closed in the last ten years and only 8 remain open in Glasgow. Further research concludes that this is happening across the UK as a means of saving money for local councils.
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The ‘itch cycle’ Wound Care - 21/11/2013
Medicines, disease, infections, insect bites, irritants or dermatological disorders such as eczema can cause an itch. In eczema, the itching sensation is one of the most prominent and distressing features of the condition.1 And, it is easy to understand why this is especially true for children.
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Are you supporting Movember? The Continence Blog - 18/11/2013
It has been well debated and documented over the years that significant inequalities exist between men’s and women’s health in the UK. Women are offered to participate in cervical screening programs but men are not offered routine prostate screening. Women are invited for breast screening but what about the men?
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Travel Safety Tips for Thailand: The Big 3 Travel - 18/11/2013
Thailand is blessed with lush tropical jungle, crystal-clear waters lapping against pristine beaches and a nation so happy their homeland is nicknamed the Land of Smiles. Thailand offers something for everyone -- it’s beautiful and safe, inexpensive yet equipped with all the modern amenities needed to stay connected and get some work done if needs be.
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What About Zimbabwe? Travel Health Advice for Tourists and Business Travellers Travel - 15/11/2013
Whatever the reason for your trip to Zimbabwe, you’ll discover a friendly and welcoming nation and a beautiful country, albeit with a problematic political past. Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship regime threw Zimbabwe into economic turmoil, which in turn produced health and sanitisation implications across the country. Here are some of the ways in which Zimbabwe has been affected health-wise, along with some travel health advice for you and your trip.
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Constipation – good news for sufferers! The Continence Blog - 04/11/2013
Constipation is a common problem at all ages affecting twice as many women than men. It is more common in the elderly and pregnant females.
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How Safe is Mexico? Crime, Health and the Business Traveller in Mexico Travel - 29/10/2013
If you’re looking for some travel tips for your business trip to Mexico, naturally it depends on which part of the country you’re visiting. However, there are some general travel safely tips to bear in mind when visiting any part of Mexico. From avoiding being a victim of crime to protecting yourself from becoming ill, it helps to understand the culture and history of this lively nation before you set off on your trip.
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Bladder and Bowels – The Harsh Facts The Continence Blog - 28/10/2013
It is estimated that 14 million people in the UK and 200 million worldwide have a problem with their bladder compared to 3 million people with diabetes and 1.2 million people that have had a stroke.
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6 Ways to Ensure Your First Business Trip to China Runs Smoothly Travel - 25/10/2013
China can be an exciting yet confusing place for the first time visitor. If you’re planning your first business trip to China, here’s your list of essential health, cultural and travel safety tips to bear in mind to ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible.
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Sport and eczema: Exercise is good for your health but not always so good for your eczema Wound Care - 22/10/2013
Sport and exercise are well-recognised ways to maintain and enhance good health.1 People who exercise regularly have a lower risk of many chronic diseases and research has shown that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, improve sleep quality, increase energy levels and reduce the risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
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